Dear Akiho members,

We are pleased to announce to create “AKITA PHOTO BOOK” in celebration of the Akiho’s 90years since its establishment !!

It is therefore we invite you to put a photo of your dog on the AKITA PHOTO BOOK.

l  Criteria for posting:dogs correspond to any of the following

Miyoshou/AkihoTaishou/Eiyoshou/the first prize at Hombuten
(including deceased dogs you owned in the past)

l  A4 size 220pages

l  Scheduled for publication in April 2017

l  Page charge: 30,000yen per page
(All advertisers receive a free copy of photo book)

l  Advertising copy should be sent to: Akiho head office,13-1 Aza San no maru,Odate-shi,0178691 Akita,Japan/

l  Payment can be made by postal transfer/Koueki Shadan houjin Akitainu Hozonkai 02590-0-8313

l  Application period:1 Aug.-31 Oct. 2016